Discover five great Xbox games and enjoy your free time

Discover five great Xbox games and enjoy your free time

The demand for video games on shopping sites increased dramatically in 2020, this is linked to the fact that people are spending more time at home. One of the most played is the Xbox one, having several exclusive games and subscription forms like Live Gold, which allows you to play online and grants free games every month, and Game Pass – a kind of Netflix game.

Therefore, in this text, games that can be good alternatives to spend time in quarantine will be indicated. Some of them are even included in the Xbox Game Pass or even free.

Quarantine: Games to pass the time

Winner of several awards, it is a thought-provoking and educational game about the Iranian revolution. Everything happens in 1978, in the country’s capital, Tehran, where, with the control of the character Reza Shirazi, you find yourself in the middle of a revolt and must make decisions that impact the development of history.

Reza is a photographer and, throughout the game, you must use your camera to portray the events, these photos reveal parts of real stories in the main menu, being faithful to the facts of the revolution.

Despite being developed by a little known company and with little investment – compared to large companies – the low quality of the graphic does not interfere with the objectives proposed by the game. Being a great choice to know a little of the history of the Middle East.

A game in which you can stay in slow motion, shoot with 2 guns at the same time and have a talking banana as your guide. This is the – the banana is called Pedro -, although the name sounds cute, it is a platform game in which you can perform stunts with your character while killing criminals in interactive scenarios.

The game has a system of phases, making it easy for players to redo the map and improve their score, in addition to a captivating campaign involving madness and family problems.

is an MMORPG, that is, an RPG to play online with many players, which was launched in February this year and, for now, is exclusive to Xbox One.

The story takes place in Lumios and has 3 different campaigns so far, in addition to side missions and combat challenges to complete with other people. As it is a recent game, there are not many players at high levels, making the experience better and more competitive.

The game is free on the Xbox Store, however, it has optional purchases to improve the character – something that so far does not affect the character’s evolution without spending money.

In this game, under Edith’s control, you must explore the Finch family home and its memories. Edith is the last living person in the family and, throughout history, you discover why, when you find memories and remnants of relatives around the house, you experience in first person the way they died.

Like the first one on this list, this game won several awards, a lot of reflection on the way we see things and captivates a lot when approaching the characters.

is a horror RPG with 2D visual, set in 18th century England. The plot begins with the summoning of a castle full of demons, which you must face and defeat with the control of the main character, Miriam, until you eliminate all the game bosses.

In addition, the map is extremely large and full of secret passages, with several weapons, upgrades and hidden powers to be discovered.