Director confirms that dinosaurs won’t invade cities in Jurassic World 3


Director Colin Trevorrow confirmed that dinosaurs will not invade and destroy cities in Jurassic World 3. He even gave a very plausible reason for that.

“I have no idea what would motivate the dinosaurs to destroy a city. They are not organized. In real life we ​​have lethal predators who live in the vicinity of urban areas that do not enter cities to hunt for humans. The world I am looking forward to creating is where it is possible to routinely find a dinosaur crossing roads or one that invades your yard looking for food. We just didn’t go to war with the animals. We would have lost it a long time ago. “

In Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom four years have passed since the park was destroyed by dinosaurs outside the cages. The island is abandoned by humans while the dinosaurs that survived remain in the forests. Owen, played by Chris Pratt and Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, return to the island to save the dinosaurs and Owen intends to find Blue, his raptor who is loose on the island.

The first film grossed $ 1.66 billion at the worldwide box office, the fourth highest grossing in the history of cinema.

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By Milena Costa