Dido performs in Brazil for the first time

Dido performs in Brazil for the first time

Pop fans will be happy to know that the British star Dido is coming to Brazil for the first time in more than 20 years of career. She performs in four capitals: November 2 in Sao Paulo, at the Credicard Hall; November 3 in Belo Horizonte, at the Km of Benefits BH Hall; November 6 in Curitiba, at the Positivo Theater; and November 8 at the Rio de Janeiro, at the Km of Advantages Hall RJ.

The British singer and songwriter is responsible for the smash hits “White Flag“,”Thank You“,”Here With Me”, In addition to many others. His first job, No Angel, was released in 1998 and became the best-selling album of the year 2001. The artist has been on tour since the release of No Angel, continued to perform with the phenomenal Life For Rent in 2003, until the performance on Live8 in 2005 that had a television audience in the billion viewers. Ending almost a decade on the road.

Her third album, Safe Trip Home, was released in 2008, with a more acoustic and orchestral sound. That same year she got married and in 2011 she had a son, Stanley. She launched another job in 2013, Girl Who Got Away, but once again decided not to go on tour.

Now, 15 years after her last tour, she comes back with Still On My Mind. Released in March 2019, the album is quite eclectic, bringing a mixture of sadness and joy, melancholy and happiness. This is only her fifth album in more than 20 years of career and is competing with her best works. “I wanted to capture that feeling that I still have when I listen to music”, Explains Dido. “That momentum, as if it needed nothing more than that. I lived a life surrounded by music. I hear melodies in my head. Music is comfort, it is excitement, it is everything and it has always been there for me”.

In São Paulo, Credicard customers have an exclusive pre-sale between the 6th and the 13th of May. The sale to the general public begins on May 13, at 12 noon, at the box office and on the internet. Tickets can be purchased online (www.ticketsforfun.com.br), at the official box office (Credicard Hall – no convenience fee) and at points of sale across the country.

The general sale for the other shows starts on May 6 at 12pm on the internet and at the box office. Tickets can be purchased online (www.ticketsforfun.com.br), at the official box office (Km de Vantagens Hall BH and Km de Vantagens Hall RJ – no convenience fee) and at points of sale throughout the country. The presentations from São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro are produced by TIME FOR FUN.