Did Simpsons predict the coronavirus? Understand the controversy and watch the episode

coronavirus simpsons

THE episode 21 of the 4th season of , entitled “Marge Goes to Jail”, shows an Asian flu spread in Springfield and many netizens linked the storyline to the new coronavirus. Understand the reason and know what is true and what is fake news:

coronavirus simpsons

Simpsons may have predicted the new coronavirus in 1993

They have long been famous for predicting future events. In Brazil, adult entertainment supposedly predicted the truckers’ strike, the high price of fuel, Neymar’s injury in the cup, in addition to Germany’s victory over Brazil in the 2014 cup.

The predictions were never perfect and, despite the series hitting the countries that would be in the final of the world cup, it missed the final score. In the series, Germany beat Brazil by 2 x 1 and the real score was 7 x 1.

Due to the fame of accurate predictions, fake news about predictions made by the program are also spread. In 1993, episode 21 of season 4 would have predicted the new coronavirus pandemic. Understand the case:

Did Simpsons predict coronavirus? See truths and fake news

The episode “Marge Goes to Jail”, in fact, shows a flu that came from Asia and spread in Springfield with a quick contagion. However, in the episode, the flu came from Japan, not China, and it was called “Osaka Flu”.

Despite not really portraying the new coronavirus, the episode has certain similarities with the situation in which we are living. In it, mogul Mr. Burns says he is not afraid of the disease because he has an anti-germ chamber.

The character’s statement reflects the reality that most members of the upper class can remain quarantined in their homes, while many workers must continue to exercise their functions.

This disease does not scare me, I built an anti-germ chamber. Not even a microbe can enter or leave.

The episode also shows the population in alarm asking doctor Julus Hibbert to cure the disease. The health professional in the drawing responds that the only cure is to rest and stay in bed, a recommendation similar to that of the WHO for the new coronavirus: wait 14 days and wait for the symptoms to pass. If symptoms persist, it is important to see a doctor.

The only cure is to rest and bed. Anything I gave would just be a placebo.

Dr. Julius Hibbert said in the episode in question

During the episode, Ned Flanders also says that his son is delirious with fever, one of the symptoms of the new coronavirus.

Despite the similarities, images spreading fake news about having actually predicted specific information about the pandemic as the name “coronavirus” were disseminated on the internet.

coronavirus simpsons

The episode’s creator, Bill Oakley, repudiated the association of 1993 animation with the pandemic, saying the theory would be biased.

I find that disgusting. I do not like [que o episódio] is used for nefarious purposes. The idea of ​​someone using it inappropriately to make the coronavirus look like an Asian conspiracy is terrifying.

Said Bill Oakley, according to Young Pan