Did Orkut really return? Social network app turns internet fever

Did Orkut really return?  Social network app turns internet fever

Orkut was a social network created on January 24, 2004 and deactivated on September 30, 2014. Its name originates from the chief designer, Orkut Büyükkökten, at the time a Turkish engineer at Google. Orkut’s initial target was the United States, but the site was successful even only in Brazil and India.

Orkut went offline in 2014, but it still arouses a great nostalgia among Brazilians. And knowing this, an application with that name arrived at the Google Play Store and has been successful on the Brazilian internet, even though it is not an “official” product, from the same owners and creators of the original Orkut.

The Orkut app is the mobile version of the Orkut.br.com website, a work by a fan of the platform that seeks to faithfully reproduce the design and features of the original Orkut. Thus, both on Orkut.br.com and in the new app, it is possible to relive mainly the visual experience of the social network, but not much more than that: it is not possible, for example, to retrieve the profile data of the social network, nor photos, testimonials, scraps, communities, etc.

Orkut.br is not linked to Google and is not the same site as Orkut.com. If your intention is to access the old social network affiliated with Google, we apologize, but it will not be possible, unfortunately Orkut.com ended its activities in 2014

Explains the note displayed on the Orkut.br homepage.

The application, still in a trial version, has had more than 500 thousand downloads, and is not yet available for iOS. Internet users celebrate the return of the social network, but note that the application is still slow and needs some improvements.