Diablero: meet the new series by Christopher Uckermann

Diablero: meet the new series by Christopher Uckermann

Diablero is Netflix’s newest horror bet: being the first original Mexican production of the streaming service, they did not fail to choose the star who would be the face of the program, electing Christopher Uckermann as the protagonist of the show. Christopher was one of the members of the musical group RBD, derived from the Mexican soap opera Rebelde that aired at the beginning of the millennium, but drags legions of fans today, years after the end of both soap opera and group.

Ucker, however, is not the first ex-RBD to work with Netflix: in 2015, Alfonso Herrera, Miguel, joined the cast of Sense8 as Hernando, a character who did not have the sensible skills, but dated one and accompanied the wonderful saga of the group for survival.

As for Diablero, it is a Mexican city that, after being abandoned by angels, was dominated by demons and its residents live in the midst of chaos and fear. In return, a group of demon hunters appears who wish to protect the population and, with the help of one of the greatest hunters and a very modern heroine, a young priest (played by Christopher) will start the search for a kidnapped girl – and many things will unfold from that.

Check out the trailer subtitled below:

The series is based on the book El Diablo Obligó, written by Francisco Haghenbeck and released in 2011. The first season will have eight episodes and its cast also includes names like Horacio García Rojas, Gisselle Kuri, Quetzalli Cortés, Fátima Molina, Humberto Busto and Cassandra Iturralde.

The series hits the platform on December 21. Until then, read more about Diablero at Cinema10.