‘Dexter’ arrives on Prime Video soon – Check out the premiere date

dexter on Prime Video

At the 30th, the series debuts on the Amazon Prime Video to close the month with a golden key. Being one of June releases most anticipated in the catalog, the series will have its 8 seasons available in the service.

Although its first episode was released in 2006, the series remains a success today. By mixing suspense with the police theme, it captivates its target audience. Thinking about it, check out its synopsis, trailer and technical sheet.

dexter on Prime Video

Synopsis and trailer for

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is adopted at the age of three by Harry Morgan (James Remar) and Doris (Kathrin Middleton), after becoming an orphan. After detecting his homicidal tendency, Dexter’s father decides to teach him a code in order to channel his son’s anger into situations more conducive to violence.

In this new logic, Dexter must kill only murderers of innocent people with the proviso to prove his guilt. He starts developing several strategies using his knowledge and experience to carry out his new role.


Original title:
Duration: 8 seasons (average 52min per episode)
Release year: 2006
Distributor: Showtime
Directed by: Scott Buck and James Manos Jr
Classification: 18 years
Genre: Drama, Suspense
Country of origin: USA

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