Details about new heroes from The Incredibles 2 revealed

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In an exclusive interview with Brad Bird, director and screenwriter of The Incredibles 2, the American portal CinemaBlend got new information regarding the new superheroes that will be introduced in the film, as they are an aspiring team nickname “Wannabes”, with adaptation in Portuguese yet unknown.

“The Wannabes are basically the idea that a lot of first-rate heroes were killed in the first film. And people don’t remember it completely because it was done off-screen. We didn’t see them die. There is a body count in the first film, but it’s more in history than it’s plotted. So, some people remember that, and some people don’t, but the ideas that many of them disappeared and that they have been illegal for 15 years. “, comments Bird. Still continues:

“So, anyone who has superpowers who hasn’t really become a superhero was hiding all the time. And when these guys get some kind of sponsorship from Deavor … any kind of philanthropic endeavor, they are encouraged. they start to feel like, “Society can be ready for me to be who I am!” And then they start to leave the carpentry shop. And not everyone is superheroes of the “central casting”. They are the type of team B. But it doesn’t mean they’re not effective. And they might be able to be Team A someday if they had a little more experience. “

Check out the image of the Wannabe’s conceptual art below:

We will know more only on June 15, when The Incredibles 2 hits theaters. Until then, you can check out the trailer below:

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