‘Death at Six in the Afternoon’: a review of the Polish thriller

Death at Six Afternoon Review

The film, directed by Patryk Vega, tells the story of a series of horrific murders in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. In the midst of all these cases, police officer Helena Rus tries to deal with a very traumatic personal tragedy.

Events have an acceptable pace, which allows the viewer to follow and understand the facts without much difficulty. It has an interesting plot that catches the attention of those watching, but it takes a long time to delve into the facts and explain the reason for all the murders.

Death at Six Afternoon Review

The Polish suspense brings Helena as the main character, traumatized by her past, with her hospitalized partner, suffering and acting robotically. The police officer appears to be cold, but as things go on, everything is explained and we can understand a little of her story. The murders bring another very important character to the plot: Iwona Bogacka, a criminologist specializing in violent crimes, sent by Warsaw Central.

Iwona seems to be the main piece for the police to understand what the connection is between the victims and why they are all marked with words burned by hot iron on the skin. This is how we found out about the Wrath of Wroclaw, an ancient history of the city that is explained by the expert. Pests are: degeneration, theft, bribery, slander, oppression and lying; in ancient times, an executioner used to torture and kill a person – identified with one of the plagues – publicly every day, at 6 pm, in the order previously mentioned.

After the explanation, everything starts to make more sense in relation to the horrendous deaths and because they are all carried out in public. However, while the suspense is going on, Iwona Bogacka starts to look suspicious. He was not on the train that came from Warsaw and he was always away from the police when the murders took place. Soon, the person behind the murders is discovered and we cannot be surprised.

It is easy to solve the mysteries of the film if we pay close attention to everything that is happening. The plot could be better if it had its story deepened and if it was a little longer. Everything happens too fast and even the ending, which is the most surprising part of all, leaves something to be desired.

Synopsis and trailer

After discovering a body sewn into the skin of a bull, a police officer realizes that someone is recreating 18th century punishments to punish criminals.


Original title:
Duration: 93 minutes
Launch: April 22, 2020
Distributor: Netflix
Directed by: Patryk Vega
Classification: 18 years
Genre: Thriller
Country of origin: Poland