Deadpool will remain for larger

Charlie Cox talks about clashes between Matt Murdock and Elektra

Bob Iger, director of Disney, commented in a recent interview that even after the merger of his company with Fox, the films of the character Deadpool will remain for adults.

Since Disney is a politically correct home, fans of the chatterbox were concerned about a possible censorship or change in the indicative rating of future films in the franchise, but Iger guarantees that nothing will change. He also points out that it is important that each film franchise has its own face and, if this is Deadpool’s, they will keep it.

The last Deadpool movie to be released was a Christmas special feature in December 2018, Once Upon a Deadpool, marking the character’s third trip to the cinemas by Fox and, for the first time, with a lower censorship to reach an audience more familiar for the festivities, which worked partially.

In the franchise, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an anti-hero who gained skills after undergoing a healing experiment. With a peculiar humor, he spends the first film chasing the man who almost destroyed his life and, in the second, facing a new threat allied to X-Force, a poorly capable mega group.

Deadpool 3 was originally expected to debut next year, in 2020, but nothing is guaranteed so far.

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