Deadpool comic joke with Batman v. Scene Super man

Quadrinho de Deadpool faz piada com cena de Batman vs. Superman

Almost a year and a half after its release, Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice has still been the subject of jokes due to one scene in particular. At one point in the film, Clark Kent screams for his mother’s name, Martha, after being beaten up a lot by Bruce Wayne.

The scene that should represent a moment of empathy in Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice – in the situation, Batman realizes that Superman, like himself, is human – ended up being the target of jokes and negative comments from fans. Director Zack Snyder was unable to convey the correct message with such a scene.

Marvel itself decided to make fun of Martha’s scene last year in an issue of Spider-Man / Deadpool. Now, the Batman vs. Moment Superman: The Origin of Justice became a joke again in a recent release of HQ Deadpool vs. The Punisher – Issue 5, to be more precise.

In the story, Deadpool goes on the attack against the Punisher. Just before firing his final blow, Wade Wilson hesitates when he thinks he has heard the name “Martha”.

After thinking he heard someone shout “Martha”, Deadpool reveals that this is his mother’s name. Then he asks the Punisher if it is also the name of his parent – if so, that would change the whole situation.

The Punisher could even save himself by saying that his mother’s name was Martha, however, he told the truth and revealed that her name is Louise. The answer ended up causing Deadpool to fire his final blow and end Frank Castle.