Deadpool 2 may have confirmed the identity of a mutant boy

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Deadpool 2 will revolve around Wade Wilson and X-Force, which is not entirely derivative, working to protect a mutant boy from Cable who travels in time that, although played by Julian Dennison, had not been identified. At least not until last night, when Deadpool invaded the programming of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead with new information about the film, including the name of the pyretic mutant: Russel.

In the comics, a character of the same name is identified as Russell Collins, who was introduced in 1986’s X-Factor # 1. His mutant ability emerged while serving in the Navy, and although the military police quickly arrested him, he was rescued by X-Factor, also becoming a member of X-Terminators and The New Mutants.

The boy was later brainwashed by the Mutant Liberation Front, eventually released by Magneto. He joined the Acolytes of the Master of Magnetism as an act of gratitude, but was soon killed by Holocaust, a mutant villain from the reality of the Apocalypse.

If Dennison’s character is really Russell Collins, there is nothing similar between him and the original comic book except his name and powers. So far nothing explains its importance in the film, and what we do know is that it appears to be being held in a prison / detention and being in Cable’s sights.

We won’t find out more until May 18th, with the release of Deadpool 2 in theaters.

Watch the trailer below:

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