DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 5 × 08 – Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  5 × 08 - Romeo v.  Juliet: Dawn of Justness

AND DC’s Legends of Tomorrow your goodbye arrives Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford in a fun episode, without many things happening, just putting the characters to be with their friends and make a lot of trouble.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I missed seeing them in action, and going to William Shakespeare recovering the ring that will help to find the parts of the Loom of Destiny was sensational, as it made the writer review his concept of theater. In a moment he gets to write about heroes and love, which gives the episode a title, also a reference to Batman v Superman, but soon Sara, Zari and the girls help them to put everything in place.

The group formed by Mick, Ray, Nate, Constantine, Behrad and Charlie went back in time to retrieve the ring and had a bachelor party for Ray with the drink and the crap…

The girls asked Zari to join the Book Club and during a few drinks they decided to make the party for Nora, so we have the bride, Zari, Sara, Ava and Mona having fun around the ship with shopping carts, drinks and a stripper…

I think that to be a farewell to Ray, Eléktron lacked something bigger, and even because of his attachment to Routh, although we can consider his farewell his return as Superman in the Crisis in the Infinite Lands.

Of course, in the midst of so many adventures and antics, the series maintained its dramatic tone by placing Astra watching Constantine and almost killing her, and all for her to discover that he is behind the Loom of Destiny. The question is how Astra and her mentor Coin Maker will do to get Tear for themselves, and I believe that Coin is one of the Parcas, Charlie’s sister.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow remains the best mockery in the Arrowverse in the air for not taking yourself seriously, but delivering lots of cool moments and knowing how to play with it mixing humor, drama and action.