DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 5 × 07 – Mr. Parker’s Cul-de-Sac

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  5 × 07 - Mr. Parker's Cul-de-Sac

AND legends of tomorrow has been preparing the way for the farewell of Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford in a delightful episode about what parents expect from their children and how love can reach even the heart of the greatest villain … In addition, Constantine is blinded to finding the Loom of Destiny to save Astra.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Ray has everything ready to propose to Nora, but the presence of a new demonized soul on Earth postpones their plans, mainly because that soul is Damien Darhk’s, Nora’s reactions to her father’s arrival at Constantine’s house, where Ray and she have been spending more time, it was funny that she wanted to hide everything from her father.

Even when Ava and Sara show up to destroy him, Nora asks them to give her a chance, as she will get rid of her father. How to justify their presence? They are her slaves, as if she commanded everything there, including a relationship with Constantine …

Of course, everything resolves quickly, love prevails and Damien understands that he lost his daughter, now a Fairy Godmother, to that side. He is even happy to see her happy and I decided to leave her alone, using Khan’s sword to kill himself and go back to hell.

I loved their children’s program version, and in those moments legends of tomorrow has great balconies and references.

Meanwhile, Constantine goes out of his way to tell Charlie where Loom of Destiny is, but she is adamant in informing him that she will not give any information, as her Parca sisters will come after him. Behold, he promises to help her destroy it, since with all the pieces of it on Terra Prime, they will soon be after her to get the object back.

I already want to see the other two Fates on the scene, and I wanted to see Charlie’s original form.

And before finishing, it was even funny to see Rebecca’s greatest hater, which makes Mick angry, in fact it is Lita, his daughter … I really hope that Zari doesn’t let it go and develop that side of the character.

legends of tomorrow it remains fun and full of funny moments, even though some like Gary’s are just embarrassing. It is good to see the series with its own path and redeem its characters, but I hope that there will be more hero exchanges, to move the plot more and bring other characters more on the “B” side of A.D for that universe.