DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 5 × 05-06 – A Head of Her Time / Mortal Khanbat

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  5 × 05-06 - A Head of Her Time / Mortal Khanbat

And these two episodes show how DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is consistent in its plots even after the events of the Crisis in the Infinite Lands, and what did this is the number of characters that were taken to the mega-event while the rest of the cast focused on following their dramas, and that made room for Constantine.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

This rest served to show more of Ava who managed to show more strength by leading the team of Legends, and also the reintegration of Zari, in a more futile version, but who wants to show that he can make the difference in their midst.

Ray and Nora also gained a lot of space and it was sensational, especially knowing that the couple will leave the series soon, and right now they have a more moving plot, because with Nora being the Fairy Godmother, the series put her in a delicious highlight, and making Ray even more in love with her.

Now, Constantine and her quest to save Astra’s soul is sensational. The girl managed to put him on the edge of life in one episode and he suffered a lot from his lung in a fatal cancer that made him promise his mother that he would save her yet. And it is this promise that makes Astra give Constantine one more chance, but not without seeing him having a hard time and forcing even Nora to try to give him more life, but the medallion makes it clear that he cannot be moved.

So Astra gave him more time to save his mother, and the focus will be on Charlie, who is meeting Behrad, and she said that she is not just a shapeshifter, but one of the sparse, ancient Greek women who made the line and control of people’s lives. Except that Charlie has something even worse, she broke the needles and spread them across the multiverse, and with him no longer existing, those pieces are all on the same Earth now and her sisters are after her.

Another really cool point in the episodes is how the action scenes have gotten a lot better, putting all the characters at one point. Ava had many sensational scenes.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow it has everything to deliver something even better and I am loving this whole story of demons, souls, revenge and magic.