DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 5 × 03 – Miss Her, Kiss Her, Love Her

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  5 × 03 - Miss Her, Kiss Her, Love Her

The 3rd episode of legends of tomorrow continued his party for hell with Constantine, and put aside the Crisis in the Infinite Lands, focusing on the plot of souls that has been released by Astra from hell. Boring point for me was Nate hunting Zari …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Constantine’s game was to take those souls and convince Astra not to do that anymore, only that she still has a lot of hatred that he let her spend so many years in hell and is still making money by being a tyrant with the souls of people as tense as Rasputin and Bugsy.

Sara is willing to take action, but Constantine is unable to do anything that could harm Astra because of her guilt. By killing Bugsy’s soul in front of her she really fears him, but he makes it clear that he won’t give up on her that easily.

The question that remains is how the legends will deal with these choices of Constantine, who does not talk and just takes action without communicating to them. Waiting for Sara to lose her temper …

Nate is having visions of Zari, because his mind is tied to the timeline in which she runs away from ARGUS and joins the team, with her entire family dead. Here he is a friend of Behrad and when he sees Zari from that timeline, they end up talking too much and she joins the ship, only I don’t know how they will deal with a spoiled girl within the team. It is a very bad choice, because I liked the strength of the character, here she is only futile, since in her new universe, in 2044, things are more peaceful.

And Mick and Ava’s relationship was really cool! She was drunk thinking she was singing wonderfully, while in real life the people in the bar ran away, it was great.

Let’s see how far legends of tomorrow will go in the next episodes and I don’t know what to expect from Ray’s farewell and how they will involve Nora in the story.