DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 5 × 02 – Meet the Legends

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  5 × 02 - Meet the Legends

After saying that the initial episodes of legends of tomorrow would not address the Crisis in the Infinite Lands we see that it was kind of a lie, because right from the start we see the team doing it alone, while Sara, Ray and Mick were involved with the mega crossover.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Early on we discovered the reason for the name “Meet the Legends”Where we see Ava making a deal with the Senate to show that they at Waverider and the Weather Agency are not kidding. The problem is documentary filmmaker Kevin Harris following the team, which creates discomfort with Sara’s arrival and she just wants to talk about Oliver’s death, while everyone avoids her.

I thought Behrad, Zari’s brother, was making a drawing for her. Now, the drama of his presence and Zari’s disappearance should yield interesting things, especially involving Nate and his memories and then having hidden a message in Gideon for him.

Rasputin should not disappear like that from nowhere and I believe he should return soon. Constantine went to hell to understand what is going on there, and I already want to see the dramas that this season will bring, in addition to the comedy, since we see in Mona and Mick a fight to control Rebecca and her work.

Ray was “ok”, the action scenes were good, Sara’s drama needs to be better addressed, and Charli is gone …

legends of tomorrow supported the consequences of the Crisis and presented the season with the dramas of souls coming out of hell, but other moments still need to evolve, but what we have shows that it will be a very fun season.