DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 4 × 13-14 – Egg MacGuffin / Nip | Stuck

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  4 × 13-14 - Egg MacGuffin / Nip | Stuck

And after a long time without watching, we’re back to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The series remains fun, full of awkwardly hilarious moments, but some moments are lost and the plot seems drawn and boring.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Neron owned Ray and it’s cool to see Brandon Routh fighting with him, but when he gives up his body to the demon, so he doesn’t kill his best friend, Nate, when trying to be more “evil”, the actor does not hold the ends. I think he looks like a “good guy”.

This is the plot, Neron wanted Constantine to free Tabatha, who is trapped in the body of the Fairy Godmother, and now they are looking for a new vase for her to rise.

Other than that, we have Gary finally having a more serious time getting his nipple back, but as he came back from hell, the nipple has a life of its own and can hypnotize people, which makes him try to manipulate the staff at the Time Agency.

Now it’s up to them to race against time and prevent Tabatha from coming back at full strength and take Neron out of Ray’s body.

Halfway through we have Mike having to assume the world is Rebecca, after getting involved with Charles and she convinces him to win the 20,000 that a convention was offering for her to come out publicly. It was funny because Mike, all thick and the female fans of Rebecca did not expect.

And they also entered more into the relationship of Nate and Zari, who now has a dragon egg to take care of. They stayed in hidden desire, but their chemistry lacked something else.

Other than that, Nora is back and should become more powerful, as she will be the only one to deal with Neron, since Constantine was sent to a future destroyed by the demon’s rise.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow remains focused on its purpose to be light and fun.