DC’s Legends of Tomorrow | 4 × 11 – Seance & Sensibility

 DC's Legends of Tomorrow |  4 × 11 - Seance & Sensibility

Another very fun episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and that brought some changes in the characters’ novels, but also quickly resolved the issue of Hank’s death and Nora’s situation in the face of it. Ah! Jane Austen!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The past was changed with a Hindu deity, Kamadeva, showing up to change love and that ended up messing with Jane Austen, who ended up never writing her books, like Pride and Prejudice, which makes Mona discredited in love. Soon she!

It was cool to see more of it bloom and she wanted to prove that love is worth while Zari struggles not to give herself to Nate. When she decided to understand what love is and has a whole Bollywood scene, it was really delicious within the context of the episode.

Already Nora and Ray continue to travel in the forbidden love, since she knows that they are looking for him for the death of Hank. Only they end up taking risks thanks to Kamadeva’s spells.

In the present, Nate ends up seeing how his father was so worried about him, how the story of him dressing up as Mickey, and remembering that makes him see that his father was involved in something that was not possible for his personality. Except that Constantine finds out that Neron is behind his death, and the worst, using the image of Desmond.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow it may already move towards some resolutions, but I think the Bureau should have a significant change after the next episodes. We will see the paths that will follow, but I know it will be fun and clueless.