DC Universe Unveils New Doom Patrol Promo Focused on Brendan Fraser’s Character, the Robotman

DC Universe Unveils New Doom Patrol Promo Focused on Brendan Fraser's Character, the Robotman

THE Fate Patrol come here!

THE DC Universe released a new series promo Doom Patrol (Fate Patrol), which opens in February in the USA, this time focused on the character played by the actor Brendan Fraser, The Robotman!

In the comics, the race driver, Cliff Steele he almost died in a terrible accident, when The Chief (founder of Destiny Patrol) managed to perform a surgery, where he transplanted the boy’s brain into a robot body!

So, Robotman is super-strong, a little misfit, and also, he can’t taste any food. The character was featured on the Titans series last year.

Brendan Fraser will voice the character, and will appear in flashbacks throughout the season.

Watch the promo:

In Doom Patrol the members of this league of heroes suffered terrible accidents that gave them special abilities … but also left them disfigured and scared. Thus, the team will find its purpose with The Chief and will protect the Earth and investigate the most bizarre and strange phenomena.

In the cast we have the actors April Bowlby like Elastic-Girl, Diane Guerrero like Crazy Jane, Joivan Wade like Cyborg and yet Alan Tudyk like the The Chief, Matt Bomer as the voice of the Negative Man and Brendan Fraser like the Robotman.

Doom Patrol (Fate Patrol) arrives February 15th in the USA by DC Universe. In Brazil, production should arrive at Netflix, on a date yet to be announced.