DC Universe releases the first Swamp Thing teaser!

DC Universe releases the first Swamp Thing teaser!

After winning a premiere date, the production Swamp Thing had its first trailer released online!

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It looks like we’ll see production even sooner than we think, according to Deadline, the DC Universe plans to launch already Swamp Thing (Swamp Monster) now in May. The portal states that the series arrives on May 31 in the USA.

In the cast we have Andy Bean, like Alec Holland, the protagonist of the series.

In the comics Holland was transformed into a green monster after an explosion in his laboratory exposed him with chemicals. Together with him, Derek Mears, like the Swamp Monster version.

The production synopsis says that Swamp Thing will accompany the character Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she investigates what appears to be a dangerous and deadly virus from a swamp in a small town in Louisiana. But soon Arcane will discover that the swamp also has mystics and terrible secrets when unexplained events start to happen in the city. That way, nobody will be safe.

Complete the actor Henderson Wade like Matt Cable, Virginia Madsen will be Mary Sunderland, and Will Patton plays Avery Sunderland.

The actress Jennifer Beals will also be in the series in an undisclosed role.

The production will be a 1-hour drama with 13 episodes.

James Wan and Michael Clear will act as executive producers and the duo Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman were responsible for the scripts.

Swamp Thing (Swamp Monster) arrives on May 31 in the USA.

Production is not expected to debut in Brazil.