DC heroes team up with Puerto Rican heroine to help Puerto Rico

DC heroes team up with Puerto Rican heroine to help Puerto Rico

A group of American and Puerto Rican comic book artists and writers came together to create the anthology ‘Ricanstruction’, organized by screenwriter Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez as a way to raise funds for the reconstruction of Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricanes that passed through Caribbean island in 2017.

There will be more than one hundred stories that will have as their main character La Borinqueña, a Puerto Rican superhero created by Rodríguez and who is successful on the internet with the Boricua community. In the plots, the character will join classic DC characters such as Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman to help rebuild the Caribbean island.

According to The New York Times, the publisher gave the rights to use the characters free of charge to Rodriguez as a way of bringing visibility to the project. With stories created by industry veterans like Gail Simone, Greg Pak and Reggie Hudlin to people without involvement in comics, like actress Rosario Dawson, Rodriguez intends to show unknown aspects of Puerto Rican culture to the public.

6 months ago Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Today, over 130 comic artists, writers, Puerto Rican & Latinx celebrities join me and # LaBorinqueña for the #Ricanstruction. With permission from @DCComics #WonderWoman #Superman #Batman & more join to help! https://t.co/5lISvgQQ9S pic.twitter.com/K5pw2fGBtg

– Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez 🇵🇷 La Borinqueña (@MrEdgardoNYC) March 20, 2018