Dave Bautista again criticizes James Gunn’s resignation


Actor Dave Bautista, who plays Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy, has again criticized Disney’s dismissal of James Gunn and said it was a personal matter.

“I’m not happy with what they did with James Gunn. I don’t want to delve into it, I don’t want to have a political conversation. They’re putting the film on permanent pause, indefinitely. I have a problem with that, I have a moral problem and political with what they did “.

“I have been very clear about how I feel and I am not afraid to admit how I feel. That’s how I feel”.

The actor concluded by stating that it is a personal matter “I struggled, I went hungry for three years, I could barely get a job. Few people believed me on this path, but it was James who really changed the course of my life. I love James. It changed my life, so this is personal too “.

Understand the case:

The director had made old tweets with jokes that talked about rape, pedophilia and other controversial topics.

Gunn spoke up apologizing and claiming that he changed: “Many people who have followed my career from the beginning know that I saw myself as a provocative person, making films and telling jokes about outrageous topics and taboos. As I have spoken openly before, I developed as a person, as well as in my work and in my mood! I am a very different person. Anyway, this is the truth: I used to make offensive jokes. I don’t do it anymore. “.

In Gunn’s resignation statement, Disney stated: “The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’s Twitter are unjustifiable and inconsistent with the studio’s values, so we ended our professional relationship with him.”

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By Milena Costa