Daughters of the Dragon: 15 facts about Misty Knight and Colleen Wing

Daughters of the Dragon: 15 facts about Misty Knight and Colleen Wing

Fans of the Marvel / Netflix series have already had the opportunity to watch The Defenders, after a certain waiting time. And because of its developments, speculation has already emerged regarding a series involving the characters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Anyone who follows the Marvel comics, knows that the two are longtime friends and partners, and were known by the name Filhas do Dragão.

Regardless of whether they will have their series or continue to be only secondary characters of other Marvel / Netflix series, check out below 15 facts and curiosities about the Daughters of the Dragon:

15) They have been together since the 70s

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New Defensores fans, who met the two characters through the Marvel / Netflix partnership series, certainly don’t know that they’ve been together for a long time. Misty Night and Colleen Wing first appeared (separately) in the comics in the early 70s, until they joined in 1977.

Luke Cage and Iron Fist also appeared in the 70s, and are very close to the Daughters of the Dragon, although Daredevil has been active since the early 1960s. Jessica Jones first appeared only in 2001.

14) They were investigators, not superheroines

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Although the two were part of Marvel’s list of superheroes, they were not originally vigilant. The two joined forces to work as private investigators, just as Jessica Jones

Such an approach is unlikely to appear in a series of the two, as Jessica Jones has already portrayed this theme, but it would even be a way for Misty to reconcile her time as a police officer with her desire to get involved with more action.

13) Then they became bounty hunters

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Although the Daughters of the Dragon began their journey as private investigators, they have undergone some changes over the years, including becoming bounty hunters. Misty and Colleen reorganized the agency to specifically hunt down villains who escaped from prison. They faced, for example, Rhino, the famous antagonist of Spider-Man.

The decision to opt for the approach of hunting bounty (instead of just being vigilant, like the other heroes) is to ensure that the actions of the pair are in accordance with the law and that they get paid for their work.

12) Daughters of the Dragon is not the official name of the duo

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Although Misty and Colleen are known as Daughters of the Dragon, this is not the official name of their business. When they decided to join forces to work as private investigators in New York, they named their agency KnightWing Restorations (it was written NightWing, but the change came to avoid problems with DC).

Despite the official name of the duo’s business, comics have always cited the two characters as Daughters of the Dragon, even during the agency’s early days. Either way, KnightWing Restorations has always been portrayed, and Misty and Colleen cite their business by its official name only.

11) The name was given by the Steel Serpent, Davos

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The first person to mention Misty and Colleen as “Daughters of the Dragon” was the Steel Serpent, also known as Davos. The villain used it as an insult, despite having said his name while fleeing Misty, Colleen and Spider-Man, in issue # 64 of Marvel Team-Ups.

In this story, Davos almost killed Danny Rand, after draining his energy to get the Iron Fist powers, which he believed to be worthy. Colleen calls Misty to defeat the villain and save Danny, with the help of Spider-Man. Only after the Webhead disapproves of Colleen’s working methods, he lets Davos escape. That’s when he says the phrase: “Goodbye, Daughters of the Dragon, haha! With an ally like Spider-Man, you don’t need many enemies! ”

10) They were always supporting Luke Cage and Iron Fist

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Misty Knight and Colleen Wing lost much of their early days in the comics as supporting characters in the pages of the Mighty (Luke Cage’s other name) and the Iron Fist. Misty was in a relationship with Danny Rand, while Colleen was getting to know Luke better. They appeared, routinely, to help the two, and even went so far as to fight against them (when they were enslaved against their will).

9) But they have already appeared in other opportunities

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Although the Daughters of the Dragon were primarily supporting the stories of Luke Cage and the Iron Fist, they appeared in several other publications. As martial artists of great talent, they have already participated in comics with this theme. The duo has also appeared on the pages of Namor’s comic, as well as alongside Wolverine, in Marvel Comics Presents.

As with other Marvel heroes, they have made cameo appearances in several titles, but the Daughters of the Dragon have never been the center of attention for more than one or two editions of any comic.

And even when they appeared in another series, they were always next to Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. But everything changed a few years ago.

8) They finally won their miniseries in 2006

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Almost 30 years after their first appearance together, the Daughters of the Dragon finally got their own comic, which was released in 2006. The miniseries, which had six editions, introduced its enemies and told more about the story of the duo.

There were even hopes that the miniseries would become a series, but it stopped there. Since then, they have continued to appear in the Marvel Universe of comics, but have either returned to being members of larger teams or have made only cameos.

7) Heroes of Hire nearly ended KnightWing

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In its early days, KnightWing was the best private investigative agency in the city, despite the fact that neither has superpowers (Misty is a former police officer with a bionic arm, while Colleen is one of the largest ninjas in the world) . They were the best in the business, and they never had a problem finding customers.

But when Luke Cage created Heroes for Hire, KnightWing Restorations found a rival to match. Misty and Colleen soon realized that people would rather pay superheroes than KnightWing, and the business struggled to survive. So they ended up helping Heroes for Hire, although they never officially joined the team.

Currently, there are already several similar organizations in the Marvel Universe, but at the time, the two were the only ones that were in direct competition.

6) They have their own enemies

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Although the Daughters of the Dragon (and, consequently, KnightWing Restorations) have to deal with the enemies of other heroes, they have their own gallery of villains and archenemies, which emerged in the miniseries launched in 2006.

As bounty hunters, they had to deal with several superpowered criminals, but it was the team of 8 Ball, Freezerburn, Buzz and Tornado that gave Misty and Colleen the most trouble, as well as Ricadonna, their archenemy. She is, even, the great villain of the Daughters of the Dragon miniseries.

5) They were friends before they became partners

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Not all comic book hero teams are made up of friends. Many of them were created to deal with major threats or for the simple fact that it was convenient at some point. Misty and Colleen, however, have always been close friends since they first appeared in the comics. In Colleen’s case, in her first appearance in the Iron Fist pages, she was captured by a mysterious cult, and while Danny searches for her, he meets Misty, who is doing everything to find her best friend.

We later found out that the two met when Misty was still a cop and saved Colleen from a shootout. Later, Misty lost her arm and her place in the police, and Colleen was there to help her, before working as private investigators.

4) They were in favor of registering heroes during the Civil War

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During the Civil War events, Misty and Colleen were recruited by Tony Stark to hunt down the heroes who refused to register – mainly Captain America. Initially, the two were somewhat reluctant, as they did not want to create fights with their friends. However, they were in favor of registration from the beginning, and Misty’s past as a police officer made her change her mind easily.

Despite being recruited as a pair, they ended up being part of the new lineup of Heroes for Hire, which included characters such as Zumbido, Shang-Chi, Tarantula and the Black Cat. They were the great leaders of this new team, and even Ricadonna appeared on the series.

3) They have an indestructible assistant

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In the Daughters of the Dragon miniseries, and also in Heroes for Hire, readers met Otis “Danger” Johnson, KnightWing’s indestructible assistant. Otis is a short man who wears glasses and appears to be that guy who runs away from danger at the first opportunity, but we quickly discover that, thanks to an accident, he has become indestructible and resistant to pain.

He became the perfect choice for the duo’s business, which he proved in the times he was attacked, in many different ways. Your gift allows you to be useful for more dangerous operations. Despite this, Otis has not yet worked beyond KnightWing and Heroes for Hire.

2) A TV series was almost launched in 2001

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Yes, we are almost certain that the Dragon Daughters series should be announced soon, or at the very least, they can join forces in the upcoming seasons of Luke Cage, Iron Fist or even the Defenders. But this is not the first time that rumors have surfaced about a series of the duo.

In 2001, Rick Ungar of Marvel Studios said that a series of the Daughters of the Dragon was in development. However, the show would not have the presence of Misty Knight, who was planned to appear in an Iron Fist movie, and would have the presence of three other characters (one of them would be Colleen Wing). We know that the idea didn’t even come off the paper, but it’s not a bad thing, as the Netflix series would start from scratch and would not cause certain expectations.

1) Finn Jones is in favor of the idea

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Yes, as stated above, we are waiting to know if the series of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing will be confirmed, or if they will continue to be only supporting characters of the other Marvel / Netflix series. But Iron Fist interpreter Finn Jones said he is already in favor of the idea of ​​a series of Dragon Daughters.

“I think it would be incredible to see a series with Heroes for Hire and the Daughters of the Dragon working together to end crime. It would be cool, ”said Jones earlier this year.

Source: ScreenRant