DarkSide launches Aurora in the Shadows, fable of confrontation and survival with human darkness

DarkSide launches Aurora in the Shadows, fable of confrontation and survival with human darkness

A group of small beings is forced to leave the cozy place where they live and start a fight for survival in a terrible world. Everything seems to conform, right? Well, more or less. Their house was the corpse of a little girl stretched out in the middle of the forest, and the place where they go is nothing more, nothing less than the world we know as ours.

After causing nightmares with Forest of Fears, in Emily Carroll, and live a fantastic adventure with Francis, in Loputyn, a DarkSide Books invites readers to embark on a somewhat sinister journey with Aurora in the Shadows.

Indicated to Eisner Award in 2015, the comic, written by Fabien Vehlmann and illustrated by the couple Marie Pommepuy and Sébastien Cosset (who signs as Kerascoët), tells the story of sweet Aurora and her friends as they travel through a strange world. Surrounded by dangers and uncertainties, they find themselves confronted by extreme situations that arouse feelings such as envy, selfishness, resentment and greed. Forming alliances becomes more and more difficult, and when the group begins to break down, Aurora faces a dilemma: how far is she willing to go to survive?

Aurora in the Shadows it is the true definition of a sugary nightmare. Don’t be fooled by the cute, watercolor-colored streak of this graphic novel: it may be attractive to the eye, but it is equally disturbing. Just like the world we live in.

Echoing the strange and nonsense aura of Alice in Wonderland, in Lewis Carrollin the eyes of David Lynch, and the moral dilemmas of Lord of the Flies, in William Golding, Aurora in the Shadows it mixes the sweet and the brutal to address issues such as the collapse of civilization and the death of innocence. It is impossible not to admire the pastel tones of the illustrations, even though, while doing this, you are reflecting on the horrors of human experience.

Aurora in the Shadows enough to be part of the seal DarkSide Graphic Novel, in a neat collector’s edition designed to withstand any walk in the forest.