DarkSide has a new Horror Queen: Tabitha King

DarkSide has a new Horror Queen: Tabitha King

If there’s a story that every horror fan has heard, it’s like Carrie the Stranger – Stephen King, which gave breath of fresh air to suspense literature when it was published in 1974 – was recovered from a trash can. What perhaps not everyone knows is that the person responsible for saving the book from its cruel fate was Tabitha King, the newest Lady of Terror from DarkSide Books.

She found some crumpled pages, read everything and asked him to continue. There is no doubt: Tabitha King has an eye for good stories. And it was the darksiders’ turn to get to know the universes that inhabit the mind of this great writer.

Preparing an edition to match Lady Tabitha King has been in the Skull’s plans since the beginning of our empire of terror. But each special event has its time to arrive. And this dream came true.

Published in Brazil in the 1980s in a collection of horror and fantasy, Small Realities lived more than thirty years in dusty bookstores and shelves. Loaded with subtleties, bizarre and ferocity, the book carries at its heart a fascination that was part of many people’s childhood: miniatures. Houses, furniture … and, why not ?, people.

In this book, we meet the socialite Dorothy Hardesty Douglas, the daughter of a former American president, who lives in the dome of her successful legacy. Enthusiast of miniatures, she has a replica of the White House, perfect in its smallest details. Upon meeting a man named Roger Tinker, who worked for the government on a secret project, she discovers a fantastic – and somewhat disturbing – way to decorate her little house.

In a plot that involves problematic family relationships and the strange and obsessive world of miniatures, Tabitha King takes the reader through a grotesque and dysfunctional story. We don’t know where the characters are going to take us with their extreme acts, and the sensation fascinates and terrifies to the same extent.

Tabitha King is an author interested in the psychological aspects of her characters – and shows the darkest outlines that can inhabit the minds of all of us. In the month in which she turns seventy, Tabitha King’s captivating and original voice arrives to further strengthen the DarkLove line, which publishes powerful and attentive authors.

After devouring Small Realities, you will never look at dollhouses the same way again.