DarkSide Books and Cesar Bravo launch VHS: True Blood Stories

DarkSide Books and Cesar Bravo launch VHS: True Blood Stories

It is said that secrets do not survive long in small towns. But in the fictional village of Três Rios, they have been everywhere for too long. Dark, terrifying and indecipherable – a mirror of the small town where everything that is strange and profane always finds a way to manifest itself on the surface. Did you feel a chill down your spine? That’s what the author’s encounter César Bravo with the Darkside Books, the house of terror in Brazil.

VHS: True Blood Stories takes place between 1985 and 1995 and begins with a peculiar video store capable of renting the dreams and lives of its customers. Bravo builds the narrative of his new horror book with oral records, sinister cases and a lot of details that surround the lives of the residents of Três Rios. They are macabre mandingas, brutal crimes, grim animals, maps, news from newspapers and advertisements that make up the imaginary of a place forgotten by time and mix Cesar’s original text. A book to be book and visited.

The bloodiest stories in Três Rios are backed by real life and will push the reader into a moral dilemma. The greatness of life is in the gathering of unusual, beautiful and Dantesque episodes”, Comments the author César Bravo. Cesar Bravo’s writing is even more audacious in this second book. Fans of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Joe Hill and Robert Chambers they can identify with their scathing style, which make up the new generation of horror authors who seek to present our identity.

The book is built around the city. Stories intersect. The environments are the same. We wanted to translate this graphically, to impress the strength of Cesar’s narrative, who is an author who looks like Darkside”, Says the publisher’s partner, Christiano Menezes. “There are the city map with the three rivers that join and cross the city forming a trident. There are advertisements in the local newspaper. The reader will find visual codes of each story present throughout the book, ready to be deciphered”.

The author

Cesar Bravo was born in 1977, in Monte Alto, São Paulo, and it was in recent years that he gave voice to his visceral relationship with literature. During his lifetime, he has held several jobs – holding positions in the music industry, construction and retail. He is a trained pharmacist. Bravo published his first works independently, and in a short time gained recognition from readers and the specialized press. He is the author and co-author of short stories, novels, plots, scripts and blogs. Passing through different styles, it has a sharp writing, which illuminates the darkest alleys of the human psyche. Its lines, filled with suspense, explore good and evil in their most intense forms, becoming real shortcuts to the worst human nightmares. Through the DarkSide, the author has already published Ultra Carnem, and now features VHS: True Blood Stories, unpublished book full of blood and mystery.