‘Dark’: Time travel movies to hitchhike successfully

‘Dark’: Time travel movies to hitchhike successfully

The German series , gives Netflix, has been making a resounding success, especially after the arrival of the fourth and last season.

Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the series takes place in the fictional city of Winden, which suffers the impacts after the appearance of a child. However, this disappearance reveals secrets and connections between four local families, who discover a conspiracy involving time travel.

This time travel theme is already classic in cinema. Since the film, from 1921, people have seen the subject. However, some films stand out in this category.

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Time Travel Movies

1. (2004)

Directed by Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón, it is the third film in the beloved series. Based on book three of the saga written by JK Rowling, the work portrays the complications of the protagonist Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), who is being pursued by the murderer Sirius Black (Gary Oldman).

The time travel present in the film occurs when the protagonist uses the spell “Turn-Time” with his friend Hermione (Emma Watson) to save Sirius and the creature Buckbeak.

2. (1985)

There is no way to talk about time travel without thinking about this classic. Directed by Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis, this masterpiece chronicles the adventure of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), transported to the year 1955 after an error in the experiment by scientist Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

The film won six awards, including an Oscar for Best Sound Editing.

3. (2011)

Winner of the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, this film by director Woody Allen tells the trip of the writer Gil Pender (played by Owen Wilson) to Paris, together with the family of his wife Inez (Rachel McAdams). One night, Pender decides to take a stroll through the city streets, when he meets an eccentric group, discovering later that those present are big names in art and literature, such as Salvador Dalí (played by Adrien Brody) and Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll).

4. (1993)

This fun comedy by Harold Ramis stars Bill Murray as Phil, an arrogant television meteorologist who is condemned to live the same day over and over again, until his attitudes change.

The work won a Bafta for Best Original Screenplay in 1994.

5. (2001)

Richard Kelly’s work was acclaimed by a legion of fans of films about time travel and with a different narrative.

Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a young man who despises his schoolmates and has visions, the main one being Frank, a giant rabbit. One day, Donnie’s visions claim that the end of the world is approaching.

The film won three awards.

6. (1984)

Another great production that involves time travel is Oscar winner James Cameron.

The work chronicles the departure of an assassin known as the Exterminator (played by Arnold Schwarznegger) to the past to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), whose son, in the future, will have the mission of leading a legion of revolutionaries against Skynet, an intelligence system that will determine a nuclear holocaust.