‘Dark’: The end of the original Netflix series has missed you

‘Dark’: The end of the original Netflix series has missed you

On June 27, 2020, the last season de and all the fans have missed them even before the series ended – amazingly, we knew the future.

Dark season 3

The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning

Starting in a straightforward way, and a little uncomfortable (not a problem), the first season of already appears showing that it will not be easy to deal with the mysteries that the series is launching in the air.

In the first episodes, nothing is delivered for free. Everything has its own rhythm. The big factor is precisely this, nothing is in a hurry to happen, no event runs over the other.

When dealing with a history with time travel, it is very important to keep each end always connected so that there are no holes in the next events. And that is exactly what was done in the first year. They tiled all the events so that, in the coming seasons, everything was explained.

And the end of the first season arrives by making a direct end with the second.

meaning of Sic mundus creatus est 'in Dark

With the tip left at the end of the first season, the return to the world happens in the most confusing (in a good way) way possible.

Not being enough the mysteries that were left unanswered in the first part, the second starts counting the minutes for the apocalypse … Confused?

The events have a lighter weight, despite the end of the world being near. Compared to the first and third season, the second is more “quiet”. It explains more about the time and how the cycles work, bringing a cult that would have the role of maintaining everything as it always was until the end of the time loop that Winden (city where the series takes place) suffers.

The moment the public realizes what is happening, more mysteries arise to swell the story. And thanks to these new plots, the script excels to develop each of the new and older characters.

Here comes Adam, the biggest surprise of the season and a very important character for the events to unfold. In addition to bringing a bigger and better development for a character that appeared little, but always brought pertinent explanations; Claudia Tiedemann. If you’re going to watch, keep those names.

What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean

explanation of the end of Dark

Finally, the saddest season debuted with much anticipation from fans. After all, the end of the cycle and how it started would be shown.

We see 3 new characters making their introduction right at the beginning of the first episode. Without any trace to identify them, they start by setting fire to one of the known places in the series, causing a single doubt to arise in the mind of anyone watching the scene: Where did they come from?

It is to wait and be surprised.

The last season had the mission to answer all the questions that the series has been accumulating over the two seasons, and all this in just eight episodes. As the story unfolds, new questions arise and that’s where the German genius appears. Nothing is abandoned; each question is answered, including past questions. If there is a one hundred percent hole-free script, that script is.

Watching the last part of it is like putting together a puzzle that has a thousand pieces. The mission of making the public understand all the gaps filled was not small, at certain times, it seems that they will leave something open to be interpreted, but everything is tied with a knot.

The saddest part of all: The end

Who hasn’t been touched by the last breath of? The bold and exciting ending ended the series’ beautiful trajectory.

With no room for more questions or answers, the farewell of two of the most beloved characters takes place. At the sound of, that moment was responsible for bringing tears to the faces of those who watched, immortalizing the characters for good. After all, they had one of the saddest and most beautiful trajectories. They carried everyone’s burden, staying together. Even at the end, they were a perfect match. Never doubt it.