Dark Phoenix has been postponed yet again

Dark Phoenix has been postponed yet again

20th Century Fox just released the first trailer for Dark Phoenix (Dark Phoenix) scheduled to debut in early 2019, on February 14, but two days later an announcement was announced announcing the transfer to June 7 2019, previously occupied by Gambit, which was played only for 2020.

This is the second time that Dark Phoenix has been rescheduled: it was originally said that the film should be released on November 2 of this year, 2018, but the dates have changed for some re-recordings. The reason for the second change was not informed, but it is speculated that the film is expected to perform better during the summer in the northern hemisphere, mainly in China – a country that garnered 44 million views for the trailer in its first 24 hours alone. since launch.

According to the new schedule, the film should face the box office of Pets 2 and Flarsky, with the three films from completely different audiences, which may not affect Phoenix’s performance as much. The problem is the previous week, with Godzilla: The King of the Monsters and the following, with the spin-off of Men in Black, both blockbusters that already resemble FOX production.

The film will deal with Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) succumbing to the Force of the Phoenix, with its transformation unleashed after being hit by a mysterious cosmic force while the X-Men are on a mission in outer space, nine years after the events of X-MEN : Apocalypse.

With Jean getting out of control, it’s up to the other mutants to stop her and make sure her powers aren’t armed by aliens who want to conquer the galaxy, although there are disagreements between Professor X and Magneto’s factions on how to deal with it.

While we wait for the film to premiere on June 7, 2019, you can read more about Black Phoenix on our website.