Dark Minds has book relaunched in Brazil to commemorate the film

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The debut of Dark Minds, a new film from the same producers of Stranger Things (Dan Cohen and Shawn Levy) and Arrival (Dan Levine), is approaching. The film, scheduled to hit theaters on August 17, is inspired by the book of the same name by Alexandra Bracken, which was re-released in Brazil this month.

The fiction book tells the story of children who survived after the proliferation of a mysterious disease that affected only the youngest and, those who did not die, gained superpowers. Among them we met the protagonist, Ruby, a girl who has acquired telepathic powers and needs to escape from the survivors’ rehabilitation camp.

The camp was created by the government with the aim of exterminating the most powerful. Against the government initiative, an average helps some young people in their escape and a journey for survival begins.

Originally published by the publisher iD in 2013, Mentes Sombrias had its rights recently acquired by Intríseca, which, from now on, publishes books in Brazil. Dark Minds is the first volume of a trilogy, but it is still unknown about the possibility of publishing the other books in the franchise.

His film, however, is close to debut. In the meantime, read more about Dark Minds on our website or review the trailer below: