D23 Expo | Frozen 2 scale Anna and Elsa’s mother and new plot details add to the mystery about the sequel.

 D23 Expo |  Frozen 2 scale Anna and Elsa's mother and new plot details add to the mystery about the sequel.

News from Frozen 2 on the Disney Animation panel at the D23 Expo!

The producer and director Jennifer Lee, and producer Chris Buck were on stage at D23Expo to talk about the sequel that arrives in November in the USA, and here in Brazil in January.

The pair stated on stage that the big question that Frozen 2 will do is “What is the reason why Elsa has her powers?” and that the sequence will, together with the first film, complete a single one.

The producers stated that the viewer will have answers to the questions “What is the reason that Elsa was born that way and Anna was not?” “Where were the girls’ parents going when the ship sank” and “And is there this happily ever after thing?”

Evan Rachel Wood confirmed in the cast of original voice actors as Anna and Elsa’s mother in the film, Queen Iduna. The character appeared in one of the clips that were shown at the event. She sang a lullaby for her daughters over a distant and mystical river full of memories.

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Already Sterling K Brown confirmed in the cast of Frozen 2 like Lieutenant Mattias. The actor’s character will have his plot that will take place in the present. In the film he will be the leader of a group of Arendelle’s soldiers who have been trapped in an enchanted forest for 30 years.

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Disney aired an excerpt of the new song by Frozen 2 call “Into the Unknown” which will be sung by Elsa and was described as “Let it go”Of the sequence. Excited to hear the music forever?

In Festival of Animation, Disney releases information and details of the plot of Frozen 2!

The film won this new poster:


What is the reason for Elsa being born with magical powers? The answer calls, and now, threatens the entire Kingdom of Arendelle. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, the young woman will set out on a dangerous and unforgettable journey. In Frozen a freezing adventure, Elsa feared that her powers would be too unstable for the world, in Frozen 2, she hopes that they will be enough to save him.

Jennifer Lee returns to the production and direction of the feature along with Chris Buck.

THE Disney Brazil confirmed that the long debut in the country in January 2020.