Cruella is postponed to 2021!

Cruella is postponed to 2021!

Looks like Cruella, the new feature Disney which will tell the origins of one of the studio’s most iconic villains, will target a more ambitious box office.

According to information from the THR, Disney played the film for May 2021, during the Memorial Day holiday that has been a very lucrative date for the studio. Aladdin opened in the same period and arrived at the Billion house.

Cruella DeVil was seen in the 1961 animation, 101 Dalmatians who became live-action in 1996 with the actress Gleen Close in the main role.

Craig Gillespie must direct the film after the director leaves Alex Timbers, who was scheduled to take over the film there in 2016.

In addition to Emma Stone, we have rumors that the actors Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, and Emma Thompson, who also negotiate participation in the feature, read more here. is here.

The website HashtagShow says that production will start in the middle of the year in London.

The publication also released a brief synopsis of the film: Estella, who was to become the dreaded villain Cruella DeVil, lives on the streets of London in the 1980s with other troublemakers. Thus, in the film we will know the real reason that Estella has to hate the Dalmatians.

Cruella the script team has the writers Aline Brosh McKenna, Jez Butterworth, Kelly Marcel and Steve Zissis.

The film arrives May 28, 2021.