Creepshow: 80’s movie to be adapted in series

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Creepshow, a popular 1982 film that marked Stephen King’s debut as a screenwriter, will soon be adapted for television in serial format. Greg Nicotero, director of The Walking Dead, will develop the new version, work as an executive producer and direct the pilot episode. Production is from the streaming service Shudder.

In May 2017, the script of the film was adapted to the comic format and published in Brazil in the same year, in October, by the publisher Darkside and translated into Portuguese. Altogether, there were five stories that made up the volume, but the original film is a trilogy, with even more stories in his other two anthological features.

In the serial version, each episode will feature a different narrative, each directed by a different filmmaker. In addition, the episodes will have different tones between them, varying between the darkest stories and some with light and comical tones, but still chilling.

Apart from Nicotero, no other director has been announced yet, but he already comments that this is a very special project for him: “I am honored to continue the tradition in the same tone in which it was created”, he says.

The premiere is set for the second half of 2019.

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