Coronavirus: Listen to the top 5 songs about quarantine

Coronavirus: Listen to the top 5 songs about quarantine

THE Quarantine, imposed in response to new coronavirus pandemic, has touched everyone’s creativity. As a result, many songs about the current situation were composed.

From sertanejos suffering to international hits, several quarantine songs are appearing on social media. Check out in this article which are the best five.

5 best songs about quarantine

5th Love Quarantine (Bruninho and Davi)

The music from the duo Bruninho and Davi, is inspired by the scenario of home isolation due to the pandemic of Covid-19. The love song talks about not being able to be with the loved one during the quarantine.

4th What if love was a virus? (Lucas Lucco)

A week ago, the country singer Lucas Lucco posted on his Instagram that, just after waking up from a dream, he wrote a song with the goal of bringing peace and good feelings to his followers in these difficult days.

3rd When this is over (Bruno Caliman)

, by the Brazilian composer Bruno Caliman, is making the biggest success on the Internet. The song, posted on the singer’s IGTV, has already been viewed by almost 10,000 people in less than 24 hours.

2nd Quarantine (MV Bill)

The singer and songwriter, MV Bill, launched on Friday (27) the . The rap, which contains messages of awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic, also criticizes officials who downplay the effects of the new coronavirus and even gives prevention tips.

1º Andrà Tutto Bene (Cristóvam)

Without a doubt the most exciting song about quarantine, by the Portuguese singer Cristóvam, talks about the day when we will remember those difficult times, “when distance meant love and kept us alive”.

The all black and white clip is also extremely touching and translates the main message – It’s gonna be okay – in several languages, in addition to honoring, in the most beautiful way possible, health professionals.