Coronavirus: Home Music Festival entertains in quarantine

Coronavirus: Home Music Festival entertains in quarantine

To entertain the quarantined public and contribute to the fight against the new coronavirus, several artists will perform during the Home Music Festival, which will take place live from the 20th to the 29th of March. The shows will be shown by lives on Instagram, while the audience remains in Quarantine, preventing Covid-19.

home music festival

Home Music Festival

The Home Music Festival takes place on Instagram between March 20 and 29. There will be 5 shows per day, which will take place between the hours of 19h and 21h30. Each show will last 30 minutes, so it is important to pay attention to the times, which will still be announced.

All shows will be broadcast directly from the artist’s home, captured by himself, and shown on a live on his Instagram profile without involvement of third parties, as we are all in quarantine.

Among those already disclosed in the festival line-up are Sandy, Attitude 67, Di Ferrero, Melim, Vitão, Jão, Projota, As Bahias and Cozinha Mineira, Léo Santana, Michel Teló, Paula Fernandes, Eli Soares and several other Brazilian artists who are helping in the fight against the new coronavirus.

The festival’s profile, which you can access by clicking here, will show the news of the event online and the times of the shows, which will be free and made for you to enjoy at home.