Coronavirus: Famous and infected Brazilian politicians

famous political coronavirus

THE new coronavirus, considered a pandemic disease by WHO (World Health Organization), has infected more than 25 thousand Brazilians, including names of famous personalities in Brazil as politicians, musicians and influencers.

famous political coronavirus

Famous Brazilians infected with the new coronavirus


The Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, confirmed yesterday (14) to be infected with the new coronavirus. RJ accounts for 3,410 cases and about 224 deaths.

Other parliamentarians like the governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho, the chief minister of the Institutional Security Office chosen by Twitter, General Augusto Heleno, the president of the senate, Davi Alcolumbre, and the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, also tested positive for Covid-19


The renowned composer Aldir Blanc, who worked alongside João Bosco and Elis Regina, is hospitalized in serious condition with suspicion of the new virus, however, the test result has not yet been confirmed.

The conductor of the Osesp Choir and former member of the Paulistano Choir, Naomi Munakata, passed away after contracting Covid-19, aged 64, on March 26, 2020. Choir creator Luther King, Martin Luther Galati, died the day before, also due to the new coronavirus.

The musician Di Ferrero, former member of NX Zero, the singer Preta Gil , the lead singer of the band Capital Inicial, Dinho Ouro Preto, the singer Xand Airplane and your wife, Isabele Temóteo, also fight the disease.


The model Flávia Pavanelli revealed yesterday (14) through his social networks that he tested positive for the new coronavirus.

On Easter Sunday, I thought I had an allergic crisis, nothing much. I thought it was strange because I didn’t feel or taste or smell things.

The next day, I still had no smell and no taste, so I texted my doctor, she asked me to take the test and unfortunately I tested positive for Covid-19. Thank goodness everything is fine. My parents, my sister, Junior’s parents and himself, no one tested positive.

Said Flávia Pavanelli in your social network

Other famous names that have also been diagnosed with the disease include Gabriela Pugliesi and Fernanda Paes Leme.