Coronavirus: Check out which movies had their premieres postponed

Coronavirus: Check out which movies had their premieres postponed

With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the film industry is taking steps to prevent contagion. Thus, many studios are postponing the release of their films, including the Marvel, who before did not seem willing to do that.

films canceled because of the coronavirus

The released an updated list of all films postponed so far, because of the coronavirus. From smaller budget films to the highly anticipated ones, here are all the films with postponed premieres.

All films postponed so far due to the new coronavirus

new 007 movie

MGM was the first studio to react to the coronavirus, when it announced that it would postpone the launch of for seven months. The film, which marks Daniel Craig’s last appearance as James Bond, was due to open in early April, now in November.

films postponed because of the coronavirus

Six days after it was officially postponed, the Sony announced that he would do the same with.

Originally scheduled to launch in the UK and other international territories on March 27, before arriving in the US on April 3, it is scheduled to begin its global distribution four months later, on August 7.

A quiet place 2 has been postponed

After speculation that the film would be delayed, and confirmed that they are postponing the premiere of , from its previous release date on March 20, for a month, not yet specified, in late 2020.

Fast and Furious 9 has been postponed

Although Vin Diesel promised it would not be delayed, the coronavirus pandemic forced Universal to postpone it. The film will be released on April 2, 2021 (the date they were planning to release the tenth film in the franchise).

coronavirus postponed the release of films

it stars Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae, a couple who find themselves involved in a mysterious murder. The comedy was originally scheduled to premiere at SXSW (film, music and technology festival) on April 3.

Paramount has yet to announce a new release date for the comedy.

The New Mutants x-men has been postponed

by Josh Boone – the last X-Men project that Fox completed before it was bought by Disney – has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The new release date has not been released.


Mulan movie has been delayed

The film is a very expensive project for Disney risk their performance, especially with movie theaters closing, in an effort to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.

The plan now is to launch sometime in the second half of 2020.

coronavirus canceled film

Scott Cooper’s horror film, was officially removed from Disney’s release list, about a month before its April premiere. The new debut date has not yet been released.

Black Widow movie has been postponed

After waiting as long as they could, the studios Disney and Marvel they finally removed the solo film from the calendar because of the new coronavirus.

it was scheduled to be the film that would start the highly successful summer 2020 season in early May. In addition, its delay can have an impact on the production schedule of other films in the MCU Phase 4.

Fortunately, the is one that occurs before the events of, and so it should not affect the timeline of other MCU Phase 4 films and Disney + series.

Other films postponed due to Covid-19

was originally scheduled to be released in the US on May 8, having already arrived in the UK earlier this year. There is still no new release date.

: Disney planned to release it in theaters in mid-May, but that will no longer be due to concerns about the coronavirus. For now, a new debut date has not been released.

, a supernatural horror film with a slavery theme, starring Janelle Monáe, was scheduled to arrive in the next two months. So far, there is no new date for its release.

is the latest addition to the franchise and is based on a story written by Chris Rock (who also stars). Given the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus situation in the U.S., the studio decided to postpone its launch.

, starring Sarah Paulson, as the mother who hides dark secrets from her wheelchair-bound daughter, was originally scheduled to open in January, then postponed to May, and has now been removed from the calendar because of the COVID-19 outbreak.