Coronavirus: 7 films about viral epidemics

Coronavirus: 7 films about viral epidemics

In times of Coronavirus, it is easy to be concerned about the possibility of a deadly virus arrive in Brazilian lands. And the fear of a viral epidemic it has been the script for many films.


Check out 7 films about viral epidemics:

1 – Epidemic

An army doctor and his team are fighting to save the inhabitants of a small American town against the spread of a deadly and contagious virus brought from Africa by a monkey that was smuggled to California, in the United States.

Contagion is fast and the army quarantines the city. But when an army scientist tries to help the population, he is inexplicably removed from the case.

2 – Resident Evil: The Cursed Guest

Something terrible is hidden in “Colméia”, a huge underground laboratory used for genetic research that is controlled by Umbrella, one of the largest conglomerates in the world. There is an epidemic of the T-Virus, a biological weapon of great power that killed, or rather turned, zombies, all the scientists who worked there.

When this happens, Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez) join a command that enters the “Hive” to understand and try to control the situation.

However, this has to be done very quickly, because in three hours, “Rainha Vermelha”, the supercomputer that controls the place, will seal it forever and whoever is inside will be fatally condemned to become a zombie.

3 – I Am the Legend

A terrible incurable virus has decimated the population of New York. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist who, without knowing how, became immune to the virus. For 3 years he has been traveling the city sending radio messages, hoping to find a survivor.

Robert is always accompanied by mutant victims of the virus, who wait for the right moment to attack him. At the same time he performs tests on his own blood, looking for a way to reverse the effects of the virus.

4 – Contagion

Contagion follows the rapid progress of a lethal, airborne virus that kills in a few days. As the epidemic spreads rapidly, the global medical community starts a race to find a cure and to control panic that spreads faster than the virus itself.

At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a crumbling society.

5 – World War Z

A terrible and mysterious disease spreads across the world, turning people into a kind of zombie. The speed of contagion is impressive and soon the American government is recruiting a former UN investigator to investigate what may be happening and thus save humanity.

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) needs to take the opposite path of contamination to try to understand the causes or, at least, identify a way to contain the contagion until a cure is discovered before the apocalypse. A real race against time begins, which is becoming shorter and shorter as the population of humans continues to decrease.

6 – Flu (The flu)

Bundang, in the suburb of Seoul, is experiencing a devastating epidemic. Byung-woo (Erik Scott Kimerer) dies of an unknown virus.

In the beginning, the virus is not important, and the population does not anticipate it. In a short time, hundreds of residents of the region are affected by the virus. The chaos of establishment. The country’s government calls for isolation of the area. Meanwhile, a specialist is looking for the blood that will be able to develop the vaccine against the virus.


7 – 93 days

Health professionals struggle to contain an outbreak of Ebola when a patient arrives in the city of Lagos with symptoms of the deadly virus. Based on real facts.

* Synopses of I Love Cinema / Netflix.