Coronavirus: 577 cinemas are closed in Brazil

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After recommendations from health authorities regarding the coronavirus, 577 movie theaters were closed in Brazil.

In addition, some of the most anticipated films had their releases rescheduled due to the virus. So,,,, and were some of the premieres postponed.

According to the director of the Filme B portal, Paulo Sérgio, “the loss is huge and all the rooms in Brazil are going to close, it’s just a matter of time”.

In measurable terms, Rio de Janeiro is the most affected, since Governor Wilson Witzel ordered the suspension of cinemas, concert halls and theaters for 15 days – starting counting from last Friday (13).

In order to comply with the decision of Organs health agencies, movie theaters in the city of São Paulo are closing their doors indefinitely. Cinesala, Espaço Itaú de Cinema and Petra Belas Artes are some examples.

Coronavirus: 577 closed movie theaters in Brazil

Cinemas criticized on social networks

Some cinemas have been widely criticized on social media. Two cases are the Cinemark and the Kinoplex of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the portal, Cinemark would have offered two proposals to employees: accept a voluntary dismissal plan or receive a portion of the salary through the participation in a qualification course.

However, the company spoke up and issued a statement stating that it would suspend its activities, thus following the advice of health professionals.

In the case of the Kinoplex, the cinema would have offered employees collective holidays. “Kinoplex informs that it opted for the benefit, thinking about the well-being of its professionals, since, in this way, they receive the full amount of their salaries.”, Stated the company.