‘Control Z’ – Read the original Netflix series review

‘Control Z’ – Read the original Netflix series review

is the newest teen thriller series from Netflix, which has invested in such content. Launched on May 22 this year, the series has 8 episodes available and is already successful on the platform.

The plot covers the daily lives of the National College in Mexico and the issues involved in the lives of young people. In the beginning, to acclimate the viewer, the series shows most of the characters that will be relevant in the course of the story and details a little about their behaviors.

This “presentation” is made by the main character, Sofía Herrera, who, at first, is that old cliché of isolated, introverted and very observant girl. However, over time, it is possible to realize that Sofía is a teenager recovering from traumatic events, which we, viewers, understand and see the evolution of the character throughout the episodes.

Because she presents her own problems, such as her father’s death, self-mutilation and the fact that she spent some time in a psychiatric clinic, she excludes herself from her entire class. Until newcomer Javier Williams arrives at the school and decides to approach her.

Everything seems normal until the moment when a mysterious hacker appears who begins to blackmail and expose the secrets of the group of popular teenagers at school. Raúl, one of the popular kids who has his secret revealed, asks Sofía for help in solving this mystery, because only such an observant person could find out who was doing this and trying to end everyone’s reputation.

Throughout the episodes, the explanation of intimate matters takes on greater proportions and creates complicated and serious situations in high school. While all the students are being threatened by the hacker to have their secret revealed, including herself, Sofía follows her intuitions in search of the criminal.

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In this plot, the series addresses important topics, such as transphobia, corruption and mental disorders. Although these issues are not so innovative for the construction of scripts, these issues are presented within a larger and more significant plot: the digital age and the violation of privacy.

Because it is a very current topic, it dialogues a lot with the reality of the viewers, especially the young audience. In addition, each character has its own particular plot, which is recognized and deepened in the course of the story, a fact that does not let the series be monotonous.

Analyzing the cast a little, even though some actors are older than the characters they are playing, most of them have a suitable age range to act as teenagers. In addition, as it is a teen series, most of the actors are young, but at no time was the performance affected by age, quite the opposite. It is noticeable how everyone actually entered the characters and brought them to life.

Therefore, in general, the story is well developed, with well-tied episodes that leave the viewer stuck in the narrative. It is a short and intense series, good for marathon running in 2 days. Thus, the plot becomes valid and interesting.

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Original title:
Duration: 296 minutes
Launch: May 22, 2020
Distributor: Netflix
Directed by: Carlos Quintanilla, Adriana Pelusi and Miguel García Moreno
Classification: 18 years
Genre: Suspense, Drama
Country of origin: Mexico