Comedy Central and Porta dos Fundos announce release date for Men?

Comedy Central and Porta dos Fundos announce release date for Men?

The channel Comedy Central, in co-production with the creative collective Back door, has just released the release date of Men?starring Fabio Porchat. With 08 episodes, of 30 minutes each, and a cast formed by Gabriel Godoy (Gustavo), Raphael Logam (Pedrinho) and Gabriel Louchard (Pedro), the series will air from March 18thMonday at 10pm.

Times have changed. Men? tells the story of four close friends who deal with conflicts of understanding about what it really means to be a man. The series brings an attentive and questioning look at what men want and, mainly, what they can do in today’s world. Everyone is immature in the extreme and, throughout the season, they are also beginning to realize the amount of problems they have because of this.

Without fear of exposing old male habits, Men? invades the intimacy of Alexandre and his friends Gustavo, Pedrinho and Pedro. Each of them is facing a personal issue in their own way: seeking alternative solutions, fleeing or resorting to unorthodox methods, such as the protagonist (Fabio Porchat) who has frank conversations with his penis (Rafael Portugal).

With direction Johnny Araujo, the series also has Lorena Comparato, Gisele Fróes, Gisele Itié, Miá Mello and Cintia Rosa.

Men? is a coproduction of Comedy Central and Porta dos Fundos.