Clockwork Orange: book gets new Brazilian edition

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Clockwork Orange, a popular book by Anthony Burgess, was released in 1962 and has won many editions and versions since then, but a new one is on the way: a new publication will arrive on June 20 by Editora Aleph. Now available in pre-order, the copy will accompany an exclusive poster. The cover and poster can be seen in the image above.

Check the complete description of the relaunch:

“Eternal classic of science fiction, Clockwork Orange is a real milestone in the history of pop culture and dystopian literature. Narrated by the protagonist, teenager Alex, this brilliant and disturbing story creates a futuristic society in which violence reaches gigantic proportions and causes a equally aggressive response from a totalitarian government.

The strange language used by Alex, known as Nadsat, deserves to be highlighted in the work, created by Burgess himself, which gives the novel an almost lyrical dimension.

The plot, which tells the story of the violent gang of teenagers who take to the streets looking for entertainment in a somewhat controversial way, incites deep reflections on timeless themes, such as the concept of freedom, violence – be it social, physical or psychological – and the limits of the relationship between the State and the Individual.

Along with 1984, by George Orwell, and Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, Clockwork Orange is one of the literary icons of post-industrial alienation that characterized the 20th century. Adapted with mastery for cinema in 1972 by Stanley Kubrick is a work striking: after your reading, you will never be the same. “

Also check out the official trailer for his film adaptation:

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