Clara X Sofia, the Minas Gerais duo that is a revelation in Brazilian pop


The pair of singers from Belo Horizonte had the beginning of their career marked by chance in 2016, when they met at a happy hour with a mutual friend and, soon, were called to sing together. Since then, the duo has been growing in the music scene of Belo Horizonte, where they have already participated in major events, such as the Planeta Brasil Festival and, this year, they sang in an electric trio for more than 400 thousand people.

The duo had the release of the first authorial single in September 2019, following the dance pop line, but the duo’s great mark is with the track Seu fim em mim, which is their most played song and has already entered the playlist Brasil 360 of Spotify.


Girls always bring innovation to their clips, where fashion has already become a registered signature. The clips bring a very colorful, young and natural visual aesthetic, “We always get our hands dirty, we get involved in the whole process of creation, from the script, production, styling. Since the beginning, fashion and style have always been very strong things for us, where we already liked to communicate with the public ”, says Clara.

The duo’s YouTube channel shows that they have great versatility when it comes to music, the duo of friends has already done some covers of Brazilian songs, like Bixinho, from Duda Beat, from Fat Family, and I’m sorry Jay Z, from Baco Exu do Blues, even international covers, as was the music, by Harry Styles, they claim that their references are multiple, ranging from Caetano Veloso, Ivete Sangalo, Anitta and Skank.

The clip with the second highest number of views on the duo’s YouTube channel is the song Corrente do Bem, which features Rogério Flausino, lead singer of the band Jota Quest. Chance also united this story, where, in the dressing room, Rogério listened to this song that drummer Paulinho showed and, immediately, he wanted to be part of this chain of good.

While the duo is in the process of creating the first album, they already announce that they have a great dream of making a composition with the singer Duda Beat, “We have a huge desire to partner with Duda Beat, for having a great identification, I think her way of expressing herself is beautiful, be it in music videos, music and fashion ”, says Sofia. “If it were to bring together what has more to do with us, it would be Duda, she has a very astral identity that we love very much”, concludes Clara.

Diversity in music

The music scene of Belo Horizonte, is having great visibility by the artists and bands that are standing out in the musical environment, among them Djonga, Lagum and Rosa Neon. The word diversity is what most characterizes the current scene in the city, where girls are also part of this process of transmuting music, “There is no mass trend among artists in BH, each one has their own musical style and that it is very beautiful to see. I am grateful for the artists and bands that, since 2017, are bringing their eyes to the music of the city and also for being part of it, as a female duo of Brazilian pop ”, says Clara.

During this social isolation, they continue in the process of creating new music, where they claim that the method is long and daily. In each creation, the duo shows that it is creating greater identification, to talk better with the artistic self of each one. This first album has a greater delicacy, because it is there that the girls will discover themselves artistically.

In each release, there is a cut and, with this social isolation, we are deeply producing each track that we want to put on this album, we want some experimental tracks, which are still in the pop world, but always with a mixture.

Sofia Show

On the girls’ Spotify they continue to reveal their musical plurality, the pair indicate Rosa Neon, Daparte, Lagum and Frank Ocean. Clara says that her repeat album does not come out of the last album by singer Dua Lipa and the song Watermelon Sugar, by Harry Styles, while Sofia says that, for the difficult days of social isolation, she puts on to play a reggaeton, her favorite is music by singer Danny Ocean.