Civil War 2 epilogue in comics will bring answers about characters

Civil War 2 epilogue in comics will bring answers about characters

Marvel Comics will soon publish the Civil War 2 epilogue in the comics. Civil War II: The Oath will bring the publisher’s readers some important answers about the new Civil War arc, including Captain America’s relationship with HYDRA and the real fate that Tony Stark.

The publication will feature screenplays by Nick Spencer and art by Rod Reis. The magazine will arrive in American comics shops on February 8, 2017, costing $ 4.99.

Civil War’s return to Marvel Comics publications sparked a series of changes in the publisher’s publications. The publisher since July 2016 is launching new magazines under the Marvel Now seal, which had been discontinued after the completion of the new Secret Wars.

In Civil War 2, after a major clash between Captain Marvel and Thanos, two important characters die. The Combat Machine and the Hulk-Woman enter the statistics of characters murdered by Thanos and for this reason the battle between heroes and villains begins.

In Civil War 2, Iron Man, supported the capture of villains only when the crimes happened and Captain Marvel, defended that this capture must be carried out before the crime happens.

The saga is currently being published in the USA. No forecast for launch in Brazil.