Cine Birita holds a new session on August 3

Cine Birita holds a new session on August 3

THE Cine Birita back to Zuraffa Brewery, in Pinheiros, on Saturday, August 3rd. The show, which holds cinema sessions in bars in São Paulo, brings to this edition short films that rediscuss the place of cinema as a construction of unimaginable realities.

Check the schedule:

The tea (dir. Israel Araújo and Perla Mello): An apparently normal family. An exemplary son. A dedicated mother. A beautiful girlfriend. But a succession of murders frightens the residents of the city center where they live.

Appetite (dir. Victor Veronesi): Marco develops an insatiable hunger overnight. After unsuccessful attempts to indulge his endless appetite, the man turns to professional help to treat his problem.

Brief Future (dir. Ricardo Kenski): A man discovers that his camera can reveal the future. When the wife comes home, he decides to share the discovery.

Windowless House (dir. Juliette Yu-Ming, Marcelo Engster, Victor Kruter): “He who has not felt the loss of a cinema he attended for years, has a heart of stone or a cloudy memory“. Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

The Small Things Fixer (dir. Marcos Buccini): Without knowing the year or place where he lives, a man spends his days and nights trying to fix small mechanisms deposited on hundreds of shelves that form the walls of the tiny room where he lives.

Cervejaria Zuraffa is located at Rua Arthur Azevedo, 1902, Pinheiros. The films will begin showing on time at 7:30 pm. Free entrance.

About the Show

Cine Birita was born at Café dos Bancários in 2018. Since its launch, 12 editions have been made with around 60 films shown in all. Editions are always free, and they value the plurality of themes, formats and cinematographic genres.