Chino DarĂ­n: crush of Anitta and boyfriend from Tokyo, from La Casa de Papel

chino darĂ­n

The actor Chino DarĂ­n, son of the famous Argentine star Ricardo DarĂ­n, is the boyfriend and companion of Ursula CoberĂł, character interpreter Tokyo in the original series of Netflix, La Casa de Papel. In addition to catching the heart of the actress, the actor also charmed through his performance in one of his films the Brazilian pop diva, Anitta.

chino darĂ­n

Who is Chino DarĂ­n, boyfriend of Ursula CoberĂł and crush of Anitta

Chino DarĂ­n is Argentine and is 31 years old. He acted in iconic productions such as, a film recently released on Netflix, and has played more than 19 roles in an 8-year career. Ăšrsula CoberĂł and Chino DarĂ­n have been together since 2016 and have acted together in the Spanish soap opera

Currently the actor is quarantining in Argentina with his girlfriend and actress from Netflix, Ăšrsula CoberĂł, who acted in the 4th season of La Casa de Papel, available from today (3) on the streaming platform.

The actress said on live on Instagram that she was enjoying the quarantine period with her boyfriend, despite suffering from the social ills caused by the new coronavirus. Chino DarĂ­n, in turn, spoke through his social network to tell his fans to be isolated in the company of his girlfriend and took the opportunity to appeal to followers to help each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have been in preventive quarantine for 4 days with Ăšrsula CoberĂł, who came from Madrid on Tuesday (March 10). We feel good, but we will follow the isolation protocol. I am receiving a lot of information and I think we should all do something in Argentina.

Translation of the tweet below.

The actor has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 294,000 on Twitter.

I was in a preventive ward for 4 days with @sulolite who traveled from Madrid to Martes. We feel good, we will follow the isolation protocol.
I am telling you so much and I believe that we should all do something in Argentina. EVERYTHING.
(Open hilo) #Coronavirus

– Chino Darín (@chinodarin) March 15, 2020

The actor also won Anitta’s heart with his performance in the film “During the Storm”Available on Netflix. After watching the movie, the singer went to her stories on Instagram and said she was in love with the actor. After sharing a photo from his TV showing a scene in which Chino Darín was the focus, the actor started to follow her on the social network.

Check out Chino Darín’s filmography:

The Odyssey of the Goons (2019) During the Storm (2018) The Angel (2018) A 12 Year Old Night (2018) Las Leyes de la Termodinámica (2017) Angelita la Doctora (2016The Silence of Heaven (2016) Spring (2016) Histora of a Clan (2015) The Hypnotist (2015) Passage of life (2015) A Mismo (2015) Death in Buenos Aieres (2014) Voley (2014) En Fuera de Juego (2011)