Children want more women protagonists, according to study

Children want more women protagonists, according to study

A recent study released by BBC America and the Women’s Media Center shows that children are more interested in seeing women as protagonists in films and television programs.

The project, part of the “Galaxy of Women” initiative, was carried out with 2431 children aged five to nineteen, of both sexes, and notes that this audience wants to see more women leading science fiction and superhero projects. The report is by Variety.

“In this time of huge and wide-ranging social change, it is important that television and cinema provide an abundance of roles and models for a variety of girls and young women,” says Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center. “We know that representation is important, as evidenced by this report. Our research found that female science fiction characters and superheroes help fill the girls’ trust gap by making them feel strong, courageous, confident, inspired, positive and motivated. “

“If you can’t see it, it can’t be it,” says Sarah Barnett, president of BBC America. “It is time to expand what is seen and we hope that this report will contribute to bringing about changes in the stories we see on the screen. With a greater representation of female heroes in the genre of science fiction and superheroes, we can help the superpower of the next generation of women ”.

In theaters, the big recent highlight was for Gal Gadot, for his excellent performance as Wonder Woman, and the public is eager to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in March next year. To find out more films featuring women, read our special section.