Check out these 6 films that will premiere in July

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The month of July promises many great premieres in cinema. From blockbusters to internationalized animations or adaptations from the United States to Brazil, there are films for all tastes coming to the cinema screens. Check out the main premieres of the month, selected by Cinema10 exclusively for you:

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) life has been very hectic since he became the Man-Fomiga. He needs to find a way to balance the life of a superhero with that of a father. That’s when he receives an important and risky mission, with Hope / Vespa (Evangeline Lilly) as an ally.

In theaters on July 5th. Read more about Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Altered Women

The paths of four women cross. Keka (Deborah Secco) faces a crisis in marriage. Workaholic Marinati (Alessandra Negrini) sees her routine change because of an overwhelming passion. Leandra (Maria Casadevall) is not satisfied with having passed 30 and still not having a family. Sônia (Monica Iozzi), on the other hand, no longer supports married life and misses her single days.

In theaters on July 5th. Read more about Altered Women.

Hotel Transylvania 3

Mavis thinks his father, Drac, is very stressed and needs to take a vacation. The two and their family go on a monster cruise. At first, Drac doesn’t like the idea of ​​staying away from his beloved hotel, but everything changes when he falls in love with Commander Erica. However, Erica is a descendant of vampire hunter Van Helsing and Drac and company are in danger.

In theaters on July 12th. Read more about Hotel Transilvânia 3.

Isle of Dogs

In Japan, dogs are isolated on an island after a flu outbreak. A little boy sets out on a risky adventure, heading to this island to look for his puppy that has disappeared. There, the other dogs help the boy. But communication is an obstacle to this.

In theaters on July 19th. Read more about Ilha dos Cachorros.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect

Secret agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) managed to topple the terrorist organization Syndicate. But a new mission goes awry and now, Hunt and his IMF (Impossible Mission Force) team must race against time to avoid the worst.

In theaters on July 26. Read more about Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect.


Teenager Rhiannon lives a very different romance. She falls in love with a soul called A, who wakes up every day with a different body. Increasingly in love, the two must deal with the consequences of this reality and fight to make this relationship work.

In theaters on July 26. Read more about Every Day.