Check out the winners of the BIG Festival 2019

Check out the winners of the BIG Festival 2019

The winners of the BIG Festival 2019, the largest independent games event in Latin America. Gris (Nomada Studio, from Spain) is the big winner, taking two awards: Best Game and Best Art. The jury selected Adore (gives Cadabra Games) as the Best Brazilian Game and Moss (gives Polyarc Games, from the United States) as Best VR Game. The public also voted and chose the Spaceline Crew (Coffeenauts, Brazil) in the Best Game by Popular Vote category.

54 games from 22 countries participated in the competition: South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Japan, Malaysia, Norway , United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland. They competed in 18 categories, in addition to two parallel competitions. The game Space Routine (Menic Games, Argentina) took the Humble BIG New Talent Award. It’s the Grashers (Pink Array, Brazil) won the Nordic Game Discovery Contest and is automatically selected to participate in the qualifying round of the NG20in May 2020 in Sweden.

The award announcement was made at a ceremony at BIG Festival, with the presence of the President of Ancine, Christian de Castro; the State Secretary for Culture and Creative Economy, Sérgio Sá Leitão; of the President of Spcine, Laís Bodanzky; the Apex Brasil Industry and Services Export Manager, Maria Paula Velloso; and the president of Abragames, Sandro Manfredini.

The international jury that participated in the selection of the winners was Alisher Yakubov, Astrid Huntjens, Chris Buffa, Chris Lefebvre, Martina Santoro and Naheda Noori. In the category of BIG Impact: Best Diversity Game, the games were analyzed by the judges André Fischer, Carolina Caravana, Mata Haggis-Burridge. In its turn, Fernanda Sarmento, Gislaine Batista Munhoz and Ana Paula Gaspar selected the winner of BIG Impact: Best Educational Game. The jury for Best Student Game was made by SBGames, while the children at the Therapeutic Playroom Senninha do GRAACC chose the Best Children’s Game.

The jurors Fabio Hofnik, Pedro Kayatt and Leandro Sarubbi selected the Best XR / VR Game. The Best BIG Brands Game was selected by Luis Pacete, Paulo Centenaro and Alexandre Braga. The Nordic Game Discovery Contest had Shirley Lyn, Justin Berenbaum, Flávia Gasi and Jason Della Rocca to select the winner.

Check out the winners:

Best Game

GRIS (Nomada Studio), from Spain
Justification of the jury: “Complete in all aspects, this game provides a unique emotional experience”.

Best Brazilian Game

Adore (Cadabra Games), from Brazil
Justification of the jury: “With an interesting art direction and fluid gameplay, the game represents well the growth of the Brazilian game development scene”.

Best Game in Latin America

Quantum League (NGD Studios), from Argentina
Justification of the jury: “With creative production and very well executed, the game promotes an interesting retelling of the FPS genre”.

Best Art

GRIS (Nomada Studios), from Spain
Justification of the jury: “The game is, in itself, a work of art”.

Best Narrative

Forgotton Anne (ThroughLine Games), from Denmark
Justification of the jury: “With an immersive world and an exciting voice acting, the game completely works the narrative aspects of a game”.

Best Gameplay

JUMPGRID (Ian MacLarty), from Australia
Justification of the jury: “It’s super fun, easy to learn, with a progressive difficulty curve, which makes the game as challenging as it is addictive“.

Best sound

Unheard (NEXT Studios), China
Justification of the jury: “It has a solid concept of creation, using sound elements as an essential part of the game mechanics”.


Pixel Ripped 1989 (TREE Immersive Experiences), from Brazil
Justification of the jury: “Interesting metagame proposal that takes full advantage of the spatial and mechanical potential of virtual reality”.

BIG Impact: Educational

City at Play (Fundação Brava and Flux Games), from Brazil
Justification of the jury: “Very relevant proposal for political education. It stands out when demanding from the player skills such as reflecting on challenges and prioritizing tasks”.

BIG Impact: Social Issues

Marie’s Room (like Charlie) from Belgium
Justification of the jury: “A very well constructed narrative, combined with impressive voice acting, guarantee this game a potential to impact and discuss relevant issues from a feminine and current perspective”.

BIG Impact: Best Diversity Game

Huni Kuin: Yube Baitana (Bobware / Beya Xinã Bena), from Brazil
Justification of the jury: “It stands out for promoting the Kaxinawá people, bringing elements of its culture to the construction of the game. Fundamental visibility in the contemporary scene”.

Best Student Game

Burning Daylight (The Animation Workshop), from Denmark
Justification of the jury: “With an immersive atmosphere combined with incredible art direction and narrative, this game reveals that the creativity and vitality of student games are reaching an ever-higher level”.

Best Mobile Game

Starlit On Wheels (Rockhead Studios), from Brazil
Justification of the jury: “Well developed and optimized for mobile platforms, the game stands out for its charismatic characters and excellent customization system”.

Best Multiplayer

Spitlings (Massive Miniteam GmbH), from Germany
Justification of the jury: “With a carefully executed production, the game guarantees a fun couch fun experience with friends”.

Best Children’s Game

It’s Paper Guy! (The Paper Team), from France
Justification of the jury: “Fun and full of personality, the game captivates children of all ages”.

Best XR / VR Game

Moss (POLYARC GAMES), from the United States
Justification of the jury: “With charismatic characters, amazing graphics and interesting challenges, Moss expands development concepts to virtual reality”.

BIG Brands

Official Authentic Game (Little Giants Studio), from Brazil
Justification of the jury: “It adds great value to the client through a fun, complete and captivating game”.

Humble BIG New Talent Award

Space Routine (Menic Games), from Argentina

Nordic Game Discovery Contest

Grashers (Pink Array), from Brazil

Best Game by Popular Vote

Spaceline Crew (Coffeenauts), from Brazil